15 Breakfasts You Can Eat With One Hand When You’re Running Late

Soak up those extra few minutes in bed.

Original article by Kirsten Andersen for Spoon University.

Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Muffin

Skip your morning trip to the bakery and have one of these homemade blueberry muffins instead. Recipe here.

Meredith Ross / Via spoonuniversity.com

Rainbow Bagel

Rainbow Bagel

Why order a regular bagel at the dining hall when you can make a legendary rainbow bagel the night before to eat on the way to class? Make it like this.

Angela Pizzimenti / Via spoonuniversity.com

Toaster Waffle

Toaster Waffle

OK, you can't serve it like this and eat it with one hand — instead make it into a waffle sandwich like this BEC.

Marcus Jeffrey / Via spoonuniversity.com

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