I Went To A Donald Trump Rally And This Is What Happened To Me

Dun dun dun.

My journey to a Donald Trump rally starts on Sunday night while I'm watching my favorite show, call me basic, The Walking Dead, when I get an email asking if I want to go to a Trump rally.

Normally I'm totally DTF with something like this, but I had literally just read a New York Times article about how tense and violent Trump rallies have been lately. Was this…a sign? Am I going to die? NGL, I was legit nervous.

^This is what freaked me out.


I have two (or three) glasses of wine and decide what to heck, I want to see what's up.

I'm doing this. I'm going to Youngstown, Ohio, where Trump had just scheduled a « massive rally » on the eve of Super Tuesday 2 or 3 or whatever it is. I'm nervous but also excited.

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