24 Of The Most 90s Outfits From « 10 Things I Hate About You »

So many giant plaid shirts and platform flip-flops.

Bianca’s « I am going through my sister’s underwear and it’s not super weird » outfit.

Bianca's "I am going through my sister's underwear and it's not super weird" outfit.

'90s points for her crop top, but the white jeans fit way too well compared with the rest of the terrible legwear displayed in this movie.

Touchstone Pictures

Heath Ledger’s shiny seduction trousers.

Heath Ledger's shiny seduction trousers.

He appears to be wearing PVC jeans. Honestly I still think about this, was he not hot? Was that a practical item of clothing then? I am not even sure if it's a '90s look or just a really terrible one.

Touchstone Pictures

Touchstone Pictures

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