Here’s The Easiest Way To Grow Your Own Herbs

Herb garden FTW.

Plant your own herbs with this super nifty DIY.

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*3 different sized planters (we used 12 inch, 8 inch, and 6 inch terra cotta clay pots).
*Saucer for the largest planter
*Spray Paint
*A bucket or container that fits inside but is shorter than the large and medium planters (we used an old paint bucket and a tupperware container).
*Letter stickers
*Gardening soil
*Herbs of your choice

Spray paint each planter the color of your choice. *optional* Let dry completely, and stick on the letters.

Spray paint over the pot and letters with a different color. Let dry, and peel off the letters.

Place the largest planter on the saucer. Place the larger bucket upside down inside. Pour in soil up to the top of the bucket, then place the medium planter on the bucket.

Fill with some more soil to secure the medium planter. Place whatever herbs you'd like inside the large planter. Repeat these steps for the medium and small planters. That was easy!

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